Downhill (DH Downhill car)

As the name suggests, Downhill car designed primarily dedicated downhill, it weighs more high, usually more than 20 kg, with 8-inch (200mm) or higher damping stroke, although heavy, but DH race vehicle is possible Lightweight. They are strong exception, with large, high gear, soft cushioning, designed just for downhill. Debugging damping often have to eat 40% of the intake stroke (that is, very "soft" pull), to provide sufficient grip in bumpy corners. Car head angle is usually 64 degrees. DH MTB mountain bike race is the largest field of technological innovation. Many manufacturers have their own sponsored riders. DH riding the same name and it is down the mountain or fall. Because speed is often down, most of DH vehicle only one tooth plate, a chain guide and support the market. Transmission system is not equipped with front / DH MTB mountain bike race has become one of the most distinctive race category. But even so, there is little downhill race car can sustain a DH end of the season, most of the dh to half the time can not use! As regard foot, downhill racer taking into account the need to lock the foot pedal and can move at any time.

Support balance when used to facilitate the needs. Select the environment and the need to look at what kind of foot riding.
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